Guess where Emery went to???

Her cousin’s birthday party!!!

Emery always enjoy birthday parties, who doesn’t. She was talking about cake all day and even blowing the candles. She is so silly. 

Knowing me, I love to dress her up, as always. It was a little challenging bc I didn’t do the laundry.  It took me about 15 min to put this outfit together. What do you think? 

In the end, she was comfortable and had a lot of fun!

Cardigan-Baby Gap, Ripped Leggings-The Weekend Wardrobe, White tank-Target, Scarf(mine)-Forever21

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Have a wonderful week!!


Another plaid top

I love dressing Emery in plaid and he loves it too. Today I paired it with this green dress pants and blue belt.  This was such a comfortable outfit, she was able to run around and be a toddler.  ❤ 


Plaid with boots

My sisters and I went to the mall over the weekend and of course we went to Old Navy. I walked out with 4 dresses and a pair of boots for my Emery. Here’s the first outfit. Isn’t it super cute?? 

  The poncho was a gift from her auntie.  I believe she got it from Gymboree. 

I have always loved wearing plaid. I buy a new plaid shirt every year, literally.  Dressing Emery in plaid was a success. She looks adorable in this outfit!

Have a wonderful day! 

Cupcake Fest

What a wonderful time spent at Cupcake fest with the ones I love. I enjoyed it very much, although I wish I stayed a little longer. 
Emery was so happy to see Minion and as well as Elsa. She enjoyed going on stage to dance with other kids and singing “let it go” along with Gina Naomi Baez.  

The cupcakes were delicious! I waited in line for about 45 minutes and then spent $50 on cupcakes and I was thinking to myself that this better be worth it! AND IT WAS!! Brought some home for the hubby and family and they ate all of it. I should’ve hid some! Haha… =\


Pink Tutu

I love to surprise my Emery. 
During her music class, Tom and I ran to the ballet store and this pink tutu caught my attention. The detail of the dress is absolutely beautiful. I knew she would love it.  
Ran back to her school and surprised her. She was so happy to see a new dress I pulled out of my purse. We quickly put it on her for her dance class. Then she twirled and showed some cute dance moves. She felt like a princess. 

Ohmygoodness!!! Cutest thing ever!!


Harvest Fest 2015

I work from 7am until 6pm during the week days and then work out right after. My time is very limited with Emery, which I feel really bad. So Tom and I try to dedicate our weekends just for her. It’s all about her. 
Last weekend, we took her to the Harvest Fest. It was hot and sunny out and I didn’t expect that. We dressed her like it was 60 degrees out. Anyways, she had an awesome time there. We took her to all the rides she wanted to go on. She’s a daring little one, I tell ya! 

Here are some pictures of our time there. 



Elm Grove Art with the mommies

Good morning! 
This is my first blog post. I have always wanted to start one, but hesitated. After meeting at Elm Grove Art with other mommies, some of them has inspired me more to start a blog. I love talking about my 3 year old daughter, Emery, and dressing her up. I love fashion and makeup. I love photography. There’s many more that I have a passion for, and hopefully I’ll be to share it on here. 

Let’s go back to meeting with the mommies at Elm Grove Art. My sister shared this small event to me months ago and knew I would enjoy it. Yes, she was right, I love meeting new people, especially those who I have things in common with. We are all mothers and we love our family. 

I am the first in my family and the first in my group of close friends who started this motherhood journey. I’ll be honest, having Emery was a surprise. I was not prepared to be a mother at age 24. But God saw that it was good, and blessed me with her. Motherhood is the best ever, and even though there are multiple challenges, there’s nothing I would exchange this role for.  

Now, let’s talk about challenges. After the event, I felt relieve because sometimes I can be hard on myself as a mother. I realized that I wasn’t the only one who goes through the similar challenges. It was a great laugh sharing our motherhood experience. 

I hope that event won’t be the first and last. Hopefully, there will be more mother’s night! 😀 

I almost forgot to mention, the painting was really fun. I did a pretty good job for a first timer! =D Definitely going back! 

Have a wonderful day!